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How do i ensure that my Investing, saving and retirement plan are great?
in Mathematics by Diamond (75,948 points) | 28 views

1 Answer

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How much you save or invest today can have an immeasurable impact on your financial goals, so it’s important to start early. For first-time investors, it may be a good idea to sit with a financial advisor who can help to put you on the right path. Here are a few things to consider regarding your investment strategy and planning for your retirement.

  • What’s your risk tolerance? Do you have an appetite for risk or are you risk averse? Would you lose sleep if the value of your stocks or portfolio suddenly plunged? If you’re risk averse, the stock market with its volatility may not be your best option.
  • What’s your Investment time horizon? Are you looking to invest for the short term or the long term? Do you plan to liquidate your investments soon or are you in it for the long haul and saving towards retirement?
  • What’s your overall investment objective? Do you want capital appreciation or a steady income via dividend or interest payments?
  • Is your portfolio well diversified across different asset classes such as Stocks, Bonds and Commodities to minimise risks and maximise returns?
by Diamond (75,948 points)

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