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One reason why many workers begin their careers in entry-level jobs is because these jobs ...
A.  are limited to small businesses.
B.  offer very low compensation.
C.  provide no room for advancement.
D.  require little or no experience.
in Mathematics by Diamond (40,192 points) | 77 views

1 Answer

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D.  require little or no experience.

Entry-level jobs are the beginning point in most occupations because they require little or no experience. Many people entering the workplace for the first time do not have a lot of work experience, if any. Therefore, they often begin their careers in entry-level jobs to gain the experience they need to be able to advance and move up the career ladder. Not all entry-level jobs offer very low compensation. Many entry-level jobs are the stepping stones to advancement once workers have more experience. Entry-level jobs are available in all types of businesses, regardless of size.
by Diamond (40,192 points)

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