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The following information, given in the table below, is of a box of breakfast cereal. Use this information in the table to assist you in answering the questions that follow.

a) How many servings does a person need to provide the RDA of energy?

b) Which organic compounds are the most important energy providers?
c) How much energy do the vitamins in the cereal provide?
d) What deficiency disease could result if a person does not obtain adequate amounts of vitamin B1?
e) Explain the role of iron in the diet.
f) Consider the RDA of energy (3125 kJ). Do you think this amount is realistic for your requirements? Explain your answer.

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a) (3125 / 875) = 3.6 servings

b) Lipids and carbohydrates

c) None – vitamins are not a source of energy.

d) Beri Beri

e) Iron is essential for the formation of haemoglobin in red blood cells. It is also part of the structure of some proteins.

f) No. Young adults need more energy than 3125 kJ. According to the RDA, young adults need at least:
Carbohydrates: 230g x 17 kJ/g = 3910 kJ

Protein: approximately 50 g x 17 kJ/g = 850 kJ

Fat: 70 g x 38 kJ/g = 2260 kJ

TOTAL: 7020 kJ
by Diamond (40,192 points)

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