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Lerato sells her Chip Twisters at a local flea-market. Her rent and transport costs per week amount to R450,00.

a.    Write down the formula that Lerato can use to calculate her weekly costs to produce and sell Chip Twisters if the total cost to produce one Chip Twister is R2,50.

Write the formula in the form:

Weekly costs (in rand) = 450 + ...

b.    Hence, or otherwise, calculate how many Chip Twisters she will make if her weekly costs are R1 700. 

in Mathematics by Diamond (39,246 points) | 50 views

1 Answer

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a.    Weekly cost (in rand) = 450 + 2,50 × number of twisters

b.    R1 700 = R450 + R2,50 × number of twisters

R1 250 = R2,50 × number of twisters

(1250/2,5) = number of twisters

500 = number of twisters
by Diamond (39,246 points)

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Lerato is in the business of producing and selling Chip Twisters.
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