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Why should African countries confirm adoption of  Universal Declaration of the Human Rights (1948) as part of the APRM process?
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To assist the APRM in assessing performance in the area of democracy and political governance, participating countries are required to indicate their compliance with stipulated standards and codes approved by African countries, these include the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights (1990), the UN Declaration on Human Rights (1948), the Conference of Security, Stability, Development and Cooperation (CSSDCA) Solemn Declaration (2000), the United and African Union anti-corruption codes, and the NEPAD Framework Document.

 Participating countries are required to answer specific questions on each of the objectives of the democracy and governance initiative and submit evidence supporting their implementation of the agreed-upon standards.

For example, with regard to fighting corruption in the political sphere, members are asked whether they have established "independent and effective institutions, mechanisms[,]and processes for combating corruption," whether "there are precedents for dealing effectively with proven cases of corruption," and whether "there are measures for enhancing integrity and probity in public life[.],

Examples of the kind of indicators that would be acceptable to the APRM in establishing that a member is taking active steps to combat corruption include, the requirement of periodic and publicly available asset declarations by senior public officials, and the accessibility of parliamentary proceedings and reports of parliamentary committees.
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