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Which story problem can be solved using the expression 3 × 4?

A. Missy, Margo, and Davis buy some pears at the store. They each buy 4 pears. How many pears do they have altogether?

B. Missy lives 3 miles from school. Kerry lives 4 miles from school. How much farther does Kerry live from school than Missy?

C. Missy, Liz, Dao, and Larry have a total of 4 feet of rope. They each have the same length of rope. How much rope does each person have?

D. Missy has 3 pounds of strawberries. She gives the same amount to each of 4 friends. How many pounds of strawberries does each friend get?
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1 Answer

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A. is the correct answer.
by Diamond (43,720 points)

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