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What is the formula for calculating the Electric field strength, E?
in Physics by Diamond (74,874 points)
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4 Answers

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If the electric field is known, then the electrostatic force on any charge q placed into the field is simply obtained by rearranging the definition equation: F=qE.
by Wooden (1,276 points)
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E = F/q. Where F is the force experienced
by Wooden (516 points)
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The formula  for calculating  electric  field strength  is E=F/q and where F is Force experienced
by Wooden (276 points)
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E= F/q where F is the electrostatic force and q is the charge of an object

For the point charge

E=kq/d^2 where q is the charge,d is the distance between charges and k is the Coulomb's Constant = 8.99x10^9 Nm^2/c^2
by Wooden (1,084 points)

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