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MathsGee is Zero-Rated (You do not need data to access) on: Telkom |Dimension Data | Rain | MWEB

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How can EdTech take advantage of the fact that "watch parties" are now a firmly established way of enjoying events?

in EdTech by Diamond (67,402 points) | 93 views

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This is the way that people are experiencing content online so education should not be left behind but incorporate these news technologies and behaviours to ensure optimal learner engagement. 

Watch parties are now a thing. The pandemic has forced people to find innovative remote ways to enjoy each other's company in real time. The social media networks and other apps have not disappointed as they were quick to provide  "watch party" functionality.

A watch Party is essentially a new way for people to watch videos on Facebook and other video platforms together in real time. Once a Watch Party is started, participants can watch videos, live or recorded, and interact with one another around them in the same moment.

Another off-shoot of the watch-party craze are the "reaction videos" that have see a significant growth in popularity. 

Below is a reaction video:

by Diamond (67,402 points)
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