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#AfricaEdChat - Were African education systems affected at all by the pandemic?

in Teaching & Learning by Diamond (75,450 points) | 33 views

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Yes, definitely, the whole world was affected. The severity of the shock to the various education systems varied. The recovery to the shock exposed the deep-seated inequalities in the system.

Using South Africa as an example, hard lockdowns were instituted across the country and the well-resourced private schools quickly self-organized and were able to connect with their learners via ZOOM, MSTeams and learning management systems.

The public schools were left out in the cold, there was no infrastructure, data was expensive and teachers did not have the adequate skills to add value so the majority of the popuation lost more than 7 months.

This is the dorminant story across the African continent. We have cohorts of learners that lost a whole year thus it is important to craft mechanism to catch up and fill th knowledge gaps whilst not overwhelming the system.
by Diamond (75,450 points)

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