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The matric farewell is planned to be held at indaba conference center, and the conference center is offering the following rates:

1. Venue costs R285,00 per person ( meals included)

2. Decor costs R12000,00

The grade 12 learners will pay R285 per person for entry.

3.1 The learners sell 340 vetkoeks for 15 weeks. They charge R12.00 for each vetkoek. Calculate the profit they will make if the cost for each vetkoek is R4.00 and the cost of all ingredients is R623.48 per week.

3.2 Use the profit calculated in 3.1 and as well as the other funds to be determine if the money made is enough or not , to subsidize the farewell.

3.3 write down two facts of advice that you can give to other learners who would want to engage in a fundraising activity.
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1. The profit they will make

Answer:  $\text{R31 447.80}$


Remember Profit = Total Income - Total Expenses - so, if they sell 340 units per week for 15 weeks at R12 each then:

\[\text{Total Income} = \text{Number of units per week} \times \text{Number of Weeks} \times \text{Price per unit}\]

Substituting gives:

\[\text{Total Income} = 340 \times 15 \times 12\]

So the Total income was $\text{R61 200.00}$

Now lets find out what the total expenses amounted to.

Total Expenses = Cost per unit x Total number of units + Cost per Week x Number of Weeks

Substituting gives:

\[\text{Total Expenses} = 4 \times 5100 + 623.48 \times 15\]

which is equal to $\text{R29 752.20}$

hence the profit will be $ \text{R61 200.00} - \text{R29 752.20} = \text{R31 447.80}$


2. The total cost for the event will be:

\[ \text{Total Cost} = \text{R12 000} + 285n\]

where $n$ is the number of Grade 12 learners.

SInce they managed to raise $\text{R31 447.80}$ this is a lot and can pay for the decor and $\text{R19 447.80}$ will be able to pay for $68$ learners.

3. Two facts of advice are:

(A) make sure your income is  more than your costs; 

(B) You can not have more than 68 learners at this event.

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