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How can institutions leverage digital courseware to gain actionable data to help students?
in EdTech by Diamond (75,918 points) | 44 views

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The advancement of technology has lowered the barrier to entry into the online learning space. This has also been accelerated by the need for remote learning during the 2020 pandemic. So it is worwhile to explore how institutions can leverage digital learning properties to gain meaningful insights that enhance the value proposition to the learner.

Learning data is abundant, but as long as the data does not result in useful business value then it is a total waste. Moving forward, there is a great need for to high quality courseware that can provide with easy to use tools that allow teachers to intervene and support learners with actionable insights on learning data.

Below are 3 ways courseware can provide actionable insights:

  1. Low-stakes practice assessments and timely feedback for students
  2.  Using learning analytics data to identify struggling students
  3. Improve faculty-student relationships


by Diamond (75,918 points)

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