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MathsGee is Zero-Rated (You do not need data to access) on: Telkom |Dimension Data | Rain | MWEB

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How does the MathsGee donation/payment functionality work?


in MathsGee Meta by Diamond (67,400 points) | 90 views

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Every user has a "Donate Button" on their profile and anyone (logged in and Not-logged in) can donate to the user. 

The money goes into The Education Support Forum (TEDSF) bank account but we know who the sender (logged out users add their email address) and recipient are. We then run manual payments from the TEDSF account to the various recipients. TEDSF is a South African registered non-profit organization working in the education space.

The Plugin works as mentioned below: 

The plugin places a donation button on the user profile page. Once the donation button is clicked it takes the user to a page where the user is required to fill in a name, email address and select the amount to donate. There is also an option to enter a custom donation amount. Pre-selected amounts would be 100,250,500,1000. 

The mentioned form has 2 buttons. 

  1. Process Donation Button - The Process Donation button takes the user to a page where the details they entered are displayed as a confirmation with a button to make the donation. In the background of this page a log entry is created in the database. 
  2. Cancel Button - The cancel button takes the user back to the initial user profile.

Make Donation Button 

When the make donation button is clicked it takes the user to the PayFast page where the transaction will be processed by PayFast. Upon completion the page is redirected to a payment confirmation page on 

On this page the result of the payment from PayFast is updated in the log entry in the database completing the donation cycle. This result can either be that the payment has been successfully completed or that the payment failed. 

Once payment has been confirmed as successful from Payfast an email is sent to the user that was donated to, to inform them that they received a donation without disclosing the amount. 

by Diamond (67,400 points)

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