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What are scenarios for the education and learning landscape in 2030?
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HolonIQ generated five scenarios for the future of learning and talent based on thousands of responses from industry experts and other sources like news articles, white papers and blogs around the future of learning and work.

The five scenarios are as follows:

  1. Education-as-usual: Traditional education institutions remain the trusted source of learning and the most effective vehicle for jobs and prosperity. Higher Education consolidates, global talent platforms emerge and government remains the core source of funding around the world.
  2. Regional Rising: Regional alliances dominate the competitive education landscape, supported by strategic and political cooperation. Cooperative blended delivery and regional talent hubs cross-load labor supply and demand to strengthen regions.
  3. Global Giants: This global free market environment has fostered the emergence of 'megaorganisctions' with ubiquitous brand recognition and the scale to achieve significant efficiencies and industry power.
  4. Peer to Peer: Learning online through rich, personalized human to human experiences dominates the post-secondary and skills training sectors. Blockchain technology fundamentally reconfigures credentialing and unlocks the collective creativity and IP of teachers.
  5. Robo Revolution: Al drives a complete reversal in 'who leads learning', with virtual tutors and mentors structuring learning paths, providing assessment tasks, giving feedback, adjusting according to progress and organizing human tutoring when needed.


by Gold Status (10,259 points)

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