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What is event loop? What is the difference between call stack and task queue?
in Data Science & Statistics by Diamond (74,874 points) | 612 views

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CallStack is a data structure which keeps track of function calls in our program. When ever we call a function for its execution, we are pushing it to the stack. It is popped out of the stack when the execution is completed.

Task Queue (Micro task Queue) is a JavaScript runtime messaging queue which handles task that is allocated by different Web Apis. This queue is dedicated to handle the Web Apis callbacks. The message are processed once the call stack is clear.

Event Loop has pretty specific work. It has responsibility to see weather the call-stack is empty and does the task queue contains pending task to process. If the call-stack is empty, it will push the task to the call-stack from the queue and the task gets processed.

by Diamond (74,874 points)

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