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MathsGee is Zero-Rated (You do not need data to access) on: Telkom |Dimension Data | Rain | MWEB

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What is Data Science? Also, list the differences between supervised and unsupervised learning.

in Data Science by Bronze Status (8,080 points) | 35 views

1 Answer

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Data science is a mixture of various tools, algorithms, and machine learning fundamentals to explore and discover hidden patterns and trends from the raw data.

Supervised learning involves:

  • Labeling of the input data
  • Using of a training data set
  • Application to prediction
  • Enabling classification, categorization and regression.

Unsupervised learning involves:

  • No labeling of the input data
  • Using the input data set
  • Application to analysis, cannot predict
  • Enabling classification, dimension reduction and density estimation.
by Diamond (39,788 points)

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