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Your client, Mr Baloyi, has built a traditional rondavel (round house) with his grandmother when he was still a child.

Now that he is older, he wants to build a modern rondavel. The radius of the rondavel is \(5500 \mathrm{~mm}\). The front half of the rondavel is the kitchen and living area. At the back of the rondavel there is two bedrooms (3 000 mm) with a passage (1 \(245 \mathrm{~mm}\) ) in the middle between them. The passage leads to a full bathroom and a storeroom.




Roof pitch


Roof type

150 mm gum poles

Roof truss

gum poles

Roof cover


Roof overhang

600 mm

Ceiling height

29 brick courses

Exterior walls

1 brick wall, face-brick wall with 15 mm plaster on the interior sides

Interior walls

½ brick wall with 15 mm plaster both sides

Barge boards



1 ×

2 100 mm aluminium sliding door

1 ×

steel frame with hardwood exterior door

4 ×

steel frame with hollow-core interior door

6 ×

1 500 × 900 aluminium window frame (15T9)

2 ×

900 × 600 aluminium window frame (9T6)


You must design a face-brick rondavel by using what is already available on-site. Draw, to scale \(1: 100\), a fully detailed working drawing of the floor-plan layout of the dwelling.
Indicate the following on the plan:
\(\begin{array}{ll}2.1 & \text { TWO bedrooms, a kitchen/living room, full bathroom and storeroom } \\ 2.2 & \text { Room names and floor finishes } \\ 2.3 & \text { ALL external, internal and wall dimensions } \\ 2.4 & \text { Window and door symbols (see DIAGRAM SHEET 1 (attached)) } \\ 2.5 & \begin{array}{l}\text { Sanitary installation symbols in accordance with the SABS Code of Practice } \\ \text { for Building Drawing }\end{array} \\ 2.6 & \text { Window codes (see DIAGRAM SHEET 1 (attached)) } \\ 2.7 & \text { Section arrows } \\ 2.8 & \text { Title and scale } \\ 2.9 & \text { True north }\end{array}\)

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The answer to the rondavel question is as depicted above.

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