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Climate change is a subject that has been contested in the last few years. This has given rise to many distortions of truths, fake news and rejection of scientific evidence.

Many myths have come out of this, below are some of them:

  1. The Earth's climate has always changed so there is nothing new.
  2. Plants need carbon dioxide so there is no need for carbon removal.
  3. Globalwarming isn't real, the northen hemisphere is still snowing and cold
  4. Climate change is a future problem
  5. Climate change is a rich people's problem
  6. Renewable energy is just a money-making scheme
  7. Polar bears are not going extinct but their numbers are actually increasing
  8. Renewable energy can only work when it's sunny or windy
  9. Animals will adapt to climate change
  10. Getting rid of human will fix climate change
  11. China is the only country responsible for climate change.
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