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The average speed is given by.
total distance / total time
If \(\mathrm{x}\) is the distance from \(\mathrm{A}\) to \(\mathrm{B}\), then the total distance is equal to \(2 \mathrm{x}\) (away and return). The tota
T time is equal to time \(t 1=x / 40\) from \(A\) to \(B\) (away) plus \(t 2=x / 60\) from \(B\) to \(A\) (return). Hence
\(T=x / 40+x / 60=100 x / 2400=x / 24\)
The average speed is given by
\(2 x /(x / 24)=48 \mathrm{mph}\)
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