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Does the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) take inclusivity,  transformation,  and  society-wide and government-wide approaches to innovation?
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The Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) is a South African government agency that aims to promote and support technology innovation in the country. As part of this mission, TIA takes a number of different approaches to innovation that are designed to be inclusive, transformative, and focused on driving positive outcomes for society and the government.

One key aspect of TIA's approach is its focus on inclusivity and diversity. TIA works to ensure that a wide range of stakeholders are included in the innovation process, including researchers, entrepreneurs, businesses, and community organizations. This helps to ensure that the benefits of innovation are widely shared and that a diverse range of perspectives and needs are taken into account.

TIA also takes a transformative approach to innovation, seeking to drive positive change and create new opportunities for economic growth and development. This can involve supporting the development of new technologies and industries, as well as initiatives that aim to address pressing societal challenges, such as health care, education, and environmental sustainability.
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