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How has TIA improved its project sourcing and identification?
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TIA is a South African government entity that promotes technological innovation in the country. It may have implemented various strategies and measures to improve its project sourcing and identification processes over time. These could include:

Strengthening partnerships: TIA may collaborate with industry, academia, research institutions, and other stakeholders to identify and source innovative projects. By leveraging external networks and expertise, TIA can tap into a wider pool of potential projects.

Expanding outreach: TIA may conduct targeted outreach programs, workshops, and events to identify potential projects and engage with innovators, entrepreneurs, and startups. This could involve reaching out to different regions, sectors, and communities to uncover new project opportunities.

Streamlining processes: TIA may have implemented streamlined and efficient project sourcing and identification processes to enhance its ability to identify and evaluate projects effectively. This could involve standardizing application forms, improving evaluation criteria, and reducing administrative burdens to expedite project identification.

Leveraging technology: TIA may utilize technology tools and platforms to improve its project sourcing and identification processes. This could include online portals, data analytics, and other technological solutions to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of project identification.

Enhancing domain expertise: TIA may invest in building and maintaining a team of experts with domain-specific knowledge to evaluate projects in different technological domains. This could enable TIA to better understand and identify high-potential projects in emerging and strategic sectors.

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