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A Product Qualified Lead (PQL) is a lead who has reached pre-defined triggers and experienced meaningful value using your product and is more likely to become a customer than other leads. what would be good triggers for Acalytica?
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General suggestions for PQL triggers:

1. Usage Frequency: If a lead is using the product frequently, it indicates they're finding value in it.

2. Feature Adoption: If a lead is using key features of the product, it shows they're engaging with the product at a deeper level.

3. Product Engagement: If they're spending a significant amount of time using the product, it's a strong sign of interest.

4. Conversion Actions: If a lead has completed actions that typically lead to conversion, like a trial sign-up or a product demo.

5. User Feedback: If a lead has provided positive feedback or reviews.

6. Upgrades or Add-Ons: If a lead has shown interest in or purchased upgrades or additional services.

7. Referrals: If a lead has referred others to the product, it shows they believe in the value of the product.

8. Repeated Visits: If a lead is frequently visiting your site or product page, it's a good sign they're interested.
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