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Which political party are you planning to vote for in the 2024 South African elections?

*NB: This is just a social experiment and the results should not be taken seriously. The platform is not affiliated with IEC, any political party or official election body in South Africa.



African National Congress (1 vote, 9%)
Democratic Alliance (2 votes, 18%)
Economic Freedom Fighters (6 votes, 55%)
Inkatha Freedom Party (1 vote, 9%)
Freedom Front Plus (0 votes)
African Christian Democratic Party (0 votes)
United Democratic Movement (1 vote, 9%)
African Transformation Movement (0 votes)
Good (0 votes)
National Freedom Party (0 votes)
African Independent Congress (0 votes)
Congress of the People (0 votes)
Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (0 votes)
Al Jama-ah (0 votes)
ActionSA (0 votes)
Patriotic Alliance (0 votes)
Forum for Service Delivery (0 votes)
Abantu Batho Congress (0 votes)
MAP16 Civic Movement (0 votes)
Independent Civic Organisation of South Africa (0 votes)
African People's Convention (0 votes)
Independent Civic Organisation of South Africa (0 votes)
National Coloured Congress (0 votes)
African People's Movement (0 votes)
United Christian Democratic Party (0 votes)
Team Sugar South Africa (0 votes)
Plaaslike Besorgde Inwoners (0 votes)
Bolsheviks Party of South Africa (0 votes)
United Independent Movement (0 votes)
African Democratic Change (0 votes)
Better Residents Association (0 votes)
Azanian People's Organisation (0 votes)
Democratic Liberal Congress (0 votes)
International Revelation Congress (0 votes)
Power of Africans Unity (0 votes)
South African Maintenance and Estate Beneficiaries Association (0 votes)
Afrikan Alliance of Social Democrats (0 votes)
Africa Restoration Alliance (0 votes)
Minority Front (0 votes)
People's Revolutionary Movement (0 votes)
Cape Independence Party (0 votes)
National People's Front (0 votes)
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Vote for your favourite party.
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