Afritech to Host Disruptive Startups

Showcase your disruptive solutions for Key Corporate Decision-makers

On the 2nd and 3rd of May, Startupbootcamp AfriTech in partnership with Old Mutual welcomes you to Johannesburg, South Africa for a 2 day Hackathon as part of its international tour to support the continent’s best talent.

Afritech is running a 2 Day Hackathon sponsored by Old Mutual, Nedbank, RCS, and PWC. These partners are seeking disruptive solutions for specific challenge areas in Big Data, Analytics, HealthTech, Sensors, Process Automation & Simulation, RetailTech, Augmented Reality, etc
The 10 most promising startups selected from the applications will be invited to spend two days working side-by-side with the key stakeholders and IT department from each corporate Partner. They will open up internal datasets and API’s for you to test your solutions. If your solution solves a key issue, then they want to pursue paid Pilots and Commercial Agreements with scaleups. You will also have the opportunity to apply for the SBC Accelerator programme, but there are no obligations or costs for your startup.
If you are looking for a unique opportunity to showcase your solution to key decision makers at the most innovative Corporate Partners in Africa, APPLY HERE TODAY.

What can a Startupbootcamp Hackathon offer you?

  • Receive valuable feedback from our mentors, corporates and industry experts
  • Engage with Startupbootcamp global community
  • Meet with the industry executives and be exposed to worldwide opportunities
  • Receive first priority to engage with C-Suite execs on commercial agreements

Who Should Apply?

Afritech is looking for startups that are developing the following technologies.
  • Big Data, Dashboards & Predictive Analytics: Data Analytics around Outflows and Retention of Assets & Customers
  • HealthTech, Sensors, and Health Data Analytics: Consumers are seeking more ways to monitor, track, and engage with every element of their lives, and especially their own bodies. Healthcare, Insurance, and other providers are looking for new types of sensors, wearables, and non-invasive tech and novel ways to leverage the resulting data.
  • Process Automation & Simulation: Manual Process Automation to expedite repetitive tasks (eg. data entry); Pushing certain aspects of the Jobs to be Done to the end customer as well as breaking down various Customer Journey’s and looking for process improvements.
  • RetailTech, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision and Sensors: Consumers are increasingly looking for digital consumer experiences even in a physical store. Retailers are integrating brick-and-mortar stores with mobile solutions. The need is for technologies impacting retail that include autonomous delivery, smartphone retail, computer vision, facial recognition and more.

How do you apply?

Simply complete this short online form and apply for the Hackathon on May 2nd and 3rd. Applications close on 28 April, so make sure you complete your application by then!


If you have any questions about the FastTrack event or the accelerator program, feel free to contact Afritech at

About Startupbootcamp Events:

Startupbootcamp AfriTech is looking for top-notch startups for their accelerator programs, and their Startupbootcamp events are informal events that they use as part of the screening process. In return, you get instant feedback from their panel of high-profile mentors and a chance to connect with other teams locally. events aside, you can apply for the Startupbootcamp program starting in August!


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