AUDA-NEPAD, the African Union’s development agency is on a mission to popularise #Agenda2063 among the young African people.

With a renewed mandate and rejuvenated brand, AUDA-NEPAD is poised to accelerate progress on the African continent. Fully aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the continent, the agency has deliberately elected to focus on the development of young people. Given Africa’s demographic distribution, it is a no-brainer that the empowerment of young people should take centre-stage.

The vehicle being used by the African Union to articulate the continent’s aspirations is #Agenda2063.

Agenda 2063 seeks to deliver on a set of Seven Aspirations each with its own set of goals which if achieved will move Africa closer to achieving its vision for the year 2063. These 7 Aspirations reflect Africa’s desire for shared prosperity and well-being, for unity and integration, for a continent of free citizens and expanded horizons, where the full potential of women and youth are realised, and with freedom from fear, disease and want.

As part of its mission, AUDA-NEPAD created an innovative comic book that will be turned into a series delving deeper into the crux of Agenda 2063. This has been done with a view to improving youth engagement and sparking dialogue on how Africa can lift itself out of poverty and meaningfully contribute to the global economy as an equal partner.

The comic is based on the five youth champions were recognised by AUDA-NEPAD  for their entrepreneurial actions, resilience and activities. They are:

Angele Messa, an award-winning Education Technology Entrepreneur and founder of Kamer Big Bang (EduClick). Kamer Big Bang specialises in alternative education solutions for those who cannot access formal learning.

Silas Adekunle, a technology entrepreneur known for creating the world’s first intelligent gaming robot. At the age of 26, Silas is part of Forbes’ latest 30 Under 30 list for European Technology.

Mogau Seshoene, founder of The Lazy Makoti, a business she started after leaving the corporate world to focus on her love for food. She not only offers cooking lessons, but aims to preserve South African cuisine and its heritage.

Ndeu Stefan Naukushu, CEO of Africa Productivity Specialists, an operations and productivity improvement company that harnesses tech of the 4IR. He implements solutions that use enabling tech of AI, big data, blockchain and mobile apps.

Edzai Conilias Zvobwo, Founder and Chief Genius at MathsGenius Leadership Institute believes that Africa has the capacity to solve its issues given the rich philosophical and cultural diversity on the continent. He is convinced that Africa’s people need to be trained to become prolific problem solvers and that subjects like mathematics and coding can be used as vehicles to achieve social and economic upliftment of Africans.

You can download the first copy of the comic:   Agenda 2063 Champions Comic


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