What makes MathsGee QnA Bank so attractive to learners and teachers?

Here at MathsGee we are proud to be helping thousands of learners by being their helping hand in their time of need. Through our lively MathsGee Question and Answer Bank, we are providing Just-In-Time support to learners as they study at school and at home. We exist to make sure we help learners make it through their studies.

So, what does MathsGee QnA do differently from the many learner support initiatives?

Learner Data and Privacy

At MathsGee QnA, we’re building an entirely different business model — we will never sell student data or advertisements.

We are committed to ensuring the safety of our learners and keeping their dignity intact. Being a question and answer platform, some learners might feel uncomfortable asking questions that they feel are silly but are a stumbling block to their learning, so we have developed means to ensure that they can ask and answer privately.

On the MathsGee QnA platform users can now ask questions without even logging in. Users simply go to https://mathsgee.com/qna/ask and proceed to post their question. We will not know who you are or anything about you. To ensure that bots and other bad actors do not participate in the forum, these anonymous posts are not published until they are reviewed by one of our experts. Posting anonymously without logging in implies that the response to your question will be delayed as it has to go through due process.

The second way that we have made sure that learners can post anonymously, is to give an option to logged in users to choose whether their questions should be posted as an anonymous question or not. The administrators know who has posted but no-one else will be privy to such information.

These measures help us maintain the privacy and dignity of our users. All our servers are enterprise grade in the Google Cloud and protected. No user data is shared with third parties.

Duplicate question prevention

Another learner frustration with online forums  was the clutter of duplicate questions, especially in large chatrooms where lots of learners have the same questions at the same point. Those questions can overwhelm students and make it really hard for teachers to provide timely, efficient help.

So, we built a clever AI to identify similar questions and prevent them from being posted. When we introduced it, we reduced duplicate questions in a large class by 75%!

Quality control

For learners, it can be hard to know which peers really know what they’re talking about. MathsGee supports Reddit-style up-voting which crowd-sources credibility. Learners can up-vote each other’s answers so even when it’s 3am, and instructors aren’t around, they can get a sense of who’s on the right track. Instructors can also endorse learners answers — this means that teachers can indicate that an answer is correct without having to create an entirely new answer.

Eliminate email with rooms and direct messages

MathsGee QnA completely eliminates email inbox clutter — learners can privately message teachers and each other. Teachers can also create Rooms to host group chats for any purpose: virtual office hours,  chats, project groups, document sharing, or more informal Q&A.

Our goal with MathsGee QnA is to completely consolidate class communication. From direct messaging to project groups to Q&A, everything happens on MathsGee QnA.

State-of-the-art tech for STEM classes + Integrations

MathsGee QnA has full LaTeX & Markdown support with code syntax highlighting in messages (it’s the first real-time messenger in the world to support both markdown and LaTeX in chat!) and in posts.

The user interface

MathsGee QnA is simple, organized, and a delight to use. Our design is subtly different in important ways: it’s modern, clean, and familiar. For learners (we speak from experience here), that’s everything! When they log on, they see a tool that looks like the messaging platforms they use in every day life and feel immediately at home.


MathsGee QnA immediately rewards learners for answering each other’s questions by giving them reputation points. Learners can also increase reputation levels by receiving up-votes on their questions and answers. Reputation leverages robust gamification to drive increased collaboration.

Which features does the MathsGee QnA have?

  1. Category-Based Forum – YES
  2. Anonymous Q&A for Logged In Users – YES
  3. Anonymous Q&A for Logged Out Users – YES
  4. Markdown and Latex in Questions & Answers – YES
  5. Direct Messaging – YES
  6. AI-Enabled Duplicate Post Prevention – YES
  7. Reputation – YES
  8. Markdown and Latex in Q&A Chat – YES
  9. Reddit-Style Answer Up/Down-Voting – YES
  10. Live Polling – YES
  11. LMS LTI Integration (Moodle; BlackBoard; Canvas; itsLearning; Chamilo; Schoology; Sakai )  – YES
  12. Category-Specific Experts – YES
  13. Embed Video, Images and MP3 files in Q&A – YES
  14. Featured Questions – YES
  15. Facebook-like/Stack-Overflow-Like Notifications  that can replace all email-notifications – YES
  16. User Analytics Dashboard – YES
  17. Syntax Highlighter – YES
  18. Social Sharing – YES
  19. REST API – YES
  20. Slack Integration – YES
  21. Accessible 24/7 – YES
  22. Follow Users and/or Topics
  23. Tags for Targeted Searches – YES

MathsGee QnA endeavours to continually improve thus we are always on the lookout for innovative solutions to better server the education community.