Build Confidence With Self-Promotion

Learning how to speak openly about your accomplishments helps others understand your strengths and skills. We’ll introduce the concept of self-promotion, learn why it can be difficult and equip you with some great tools and tips to help increase your confidence and self-worth.

Just keep your head down! Don’t be arrogant! Stop showing off! Nobody likes a bragger! That’s not quite right. Here are the experts to tell us why. So, what is self-promotion?

Self-promotion is about educating the relevant people about skills and value that you can bring to the organisation. So people can make the best possible choice in terms of recruiting you and knowing that you’re the best person for the job.

Self-promotion is a process you know, looking at what it is you do everyday, analysing the skills you have, what you do, and using them to further yourself. The research is emphatic, it’s absolutely essential, fundamental to succeeding in careers. Why is self-promotion hard? One of the biggest misconceptions around self-promotion is that it’s to brag. So if you look up the word self-promotion the first thing that comes up is: The action of promoting or publicising oneself or one’s actions, especially in a forceful way.

Universally, lots people fear self-promotion and clients often tell me they hear a parental voice saying “don’t show off”. And culturally some people find it really difficult to show off and promote themselves. People really struggle with self-promotion primarily because it makes them feel really icky. Fantasic studies have looked into what happens if you give people a different reason for why they feel uncomfortable. As soon as people can assign that uncomfortable feeling to something other than the act of self-promotion they’re much much better at doing it. Why is self-promotion important?

Less than ten percent of people that apply for jobs actually get an interview. Imagine if there are ten people all as competent and capable as you, you need to have that added extra that makes you stand out. And that’s really where self-promotion comes in. We know that about eighty-five percent of roles Are fulfilled through networking, and the ability to talk confidently about your skills to a group of people who you’re networking with is obviously essential.

Studies have shown that being able to self-promote, not only is more likely to secure you the job, but it’s more likely to secure you a job that you will really thrive at. The more accurate you’re able to be about your talents and your qualities and your past achievements the more able the person you’re interacting with is to make the right decision about you.

Self-promotion can help you reveal your untapped potential. You’ll see it really works. What if actually self-promotion could be something else than just bragging or being narcissistic or self-centred. And actually it could be a way of sharing and giving back.

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