Business writing: Don’t Lose Etiquette Just Because its Email

business writing

Like your mother most probably taught you, respect others.

Many of us have been taught how to effectively write letters (snail mail) but the transition to email was rapid and it was an exploratory journey whereby not all of us carried forward the lessons taught to us before.

Whether you are prospecting for business or communicating with your team, it is important to keep emails professional. In as much as the medium is readily available and we happen to live in the social media era, it is still required of you to keep the high standards of business writing.

Thanks to Avi Megiddo whose matrials I am going to use to emphasize the importance of etiquette when writing business emails.

There are a lot of interactive exercises in this post that I hope you will take advantage of and eplore the subject under review, the subject of etiqutte when writing business emails.

Lets start by understanding what etiquette is all about in the interactive video below:

Like any other compositin or essay it is important to have a well defined structure that follows a logical flow of ideas so that it is easy for the recipient to comprehend.

Now lets look at structure of a business email:

By the way, it is important to note that being formaland being rude are two distinct things. Actually a formal email is conveyed in the most polite terms permissible in the circumstance. It is premised on the idea of mutual civility. So as a word of advise, you must make sure that your email gets to the point without being brash and rude. Politeness is by no means a sign of weakness, it is power actually.


So, if you received a request for information, how do you respond to such an email? What elements should you include in the email so as to optimal convey your message?

What about an email to notify the different parties that the meeting has changed? Below is an illustration of best practices:

…and lastly


What do you think?


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