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Why posting GPT and ChatGPT generated answers is not currently acceptable

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This article provides more information and rationale on our policy regarding the usage of GPT and ChatGPT on MathsGee. While this is the position of MathsGee staff, it’s meant to support the prior work done by experts (namely, the temporary policy issued to ban contributions by ChatGPT).

MathsGee is a community built upon trust. The community trusts that users are submitting answers that reflect what they actually know to be accurate and that they and their peers have the knowledge and skill set to verify and validate those answers.

The system relies on users to verify and validate contributions by other users with the tools we offer, including responsible use of upvotes and downvotes.

Currently, contributions generated by ChatGPT most often do not meet these standards and therefore are not contributing to a trustworthy environment. This trust is broken when users copy and paste information into answers without validating that the answer provided by ChatGPT is correct, ensuring that the sources used in the answer are properly cited (a service ChatGPT does not provide), and verifying that the answer provided by ChatGPT clearly and concisely answers the question asked.

The objective nature of the content on MathsGee means that if any part of an answer is wrong, then the answer is objectively wrong. In order for MathsGee to maintain a strong standard as a reliable source for correct and verified information, such answers must be edited or replaced. However, because ChatGPT is good enough to convince users of the site that the answer holds merit, signals the community typically use to determine the legitimacy of their peers’ contributions frequently fail to detect severe issues with ChatGPT-generated answers. As a result, information that is objectively wrong makes its way onto the site. In its current state, GPT risks breaking readers’ trust that our site provides answers written by subject-matter experts.

Moderators and experts are empowered (at their discretion) to issue immediate suspensions of up to 30 days to users who are copying and pasting ChatGPT content onto the site, with or without prior notice or warning.

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MathsGee Android Q&A

MathsGee Android Q&A