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Since we are in Level 1, have the Joburg libraries been re-opened?
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The Public Libraries of the City of Johannesburg reopened on Monday, 08 March 2021.

All libraries are open between the hours of 09:00–16:00 from Monday to Friday for the following purposes only:

  • To borrow and return library books;
  • To study;
  • For reference services through telephone enquiries;
  • To access Wi-Fi within library parameters following strict physical distance protocols.

Use of in-house library books, library computers and photocopy services are not permitted.

Full library services will be reinstated only when the identified challenges associated with COVID-19 risks are resolved and the risk of infection is reduced.

The following libraries will not open due to repairs and maintenance challenges and ventilation problems in study areas:

  • Rabie Ridge Library
  • Yeoville Library
  • Brixton Library
  • Parkhurst Library
  • Rosettenville Library
  • Parkview Library
  • Rosebank Library

Should there be any challenges associated with COVID-19, or the water supply problems in the City affect areas in which libraries are situated, those libraries will be closed on short notice.

by Wooden (2,290 points)
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