Content Repurposing – Sponsor A Course

The MathsGee Courses platform is a place for everyone to share and acquire knowledge. We believe that all the knowledge required for one to succeed is available and just needs to be shared and arranged for easy access.

We are encouraging corporations, NPOs and individuals to sponsor courses so they can contribute to this body of knowledge. Course sponsorships are not tax-deductible as TEDSF Learn is a for-profit social enterprise. 

The benefits of sponsoring courses are as follows:

  • Social proof of content relevance
  • Access to insights from data analytics of how learners are consuming the course.
  • Lead generation using course content.
  • Brand recognition.
  • Creating employment.
  • Contribution to poverty eradication through free education.
  • Helping organise education material online.


Ways to Sponsor Courses

Do you or your organization have a course you would like us to create or recycle? If so, we’d like to hear from you.

MathsGee Courses library of online courses is available free of charge to anyone who wishes to learn. The courses are sponsored by partners.

MathsGee Courses offers the opportunity for you or your organization to add your logo to the courses for your custom use. Our courses can be transferred from and to any other Learning Management System (LMS).

Whether you have existing courses or not should not be a hindrance to your contribution to FREE education. You can become a changemaker in the following ways.

  • We have existing online courses

If you have existing online courses then we can copy and customize the contents onto the MathsGee Courses platform. We pride ourselves in the flexibility to be able to integrate with most Learning Management Systems (LMS)

  • We only have existing offline courses

We can work with you to transform your offline courses into online offerings. Our team has experienced instructional designers. We are also building up out skill base by training and hiring unemployed youths in South African high density suburbs (townships)

  • We don’t have any courses

Not having any courses should not stop you from being a changemaker. Our team can assist you in formulating and delivering a course using instructional design principles. Do not worry about having no content, from experience we have realized that content exists in many forms like product videos, onboarding programs and even HR policies.

  • Donations

If you do not wish to have a course hosted on MathsGee, you can help the cause by donating any amount to assist the NPO TEDSF to continue curating the site and assisting MathsGee in its quest to provide quality education.

*Donations to TEDSF are tax-deductible as the NPO is registered as a Public Benefit Organization (PBO).


  •  Refer a Friend

Tell all your friends about the FREE course available on MathsGee Courses. When you use the “Refer a Friend” functionality you are assigned a unique code that can track which of your friends enrolled in courses. It will be credited to your points in our system.