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What possible careers exist at CAAZ?
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Seeking for a unique and exciting job in a unique environment? Want to meet people from all walks of life and from all nations?  Then the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) is your employer of choice!

CAAZ offers the following comprehensive employee benefits, among many others:

  • A work culture and safe workplace environment that attract and retains superior employees.
  • A Zero tolerance culture to workplace accidents
  • An environment that favours the well-being of employees through  paying employees an attractive compensation package.

Possible careers at CAAZ include:

  1. Air Navigation
  2. Air Traffic Control
  3. Aeronautical Information Services
  4. Flight Safety & Standards
  5. Air Transport
  6. Fire & Rescue Services
  7. Aviation Security
  8. Customer Services
  9. Corporate Services
  10. Human Resources
  11. ICT

by Silver Status (13.4k points)

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