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How long does it take to file the memorandum and articles of association with the Registrar of Companies of Zimbabwe?
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On average, it takes 12 days to file the memorandum and articles of association with the Registrar of Companies of Zimbabwe.

The law provides for model or boilerplate articles of incorporation. On the date of incorporation, the Registrar of Companies must be notified of the appointments of the company’s directors and secretaries.

This is done by filing the particulars of the directors and secretaries and any changes therein or a list of directors and principal officers (Form CR 14). These documents must be accompanied by a duplicate original or a printed notarized copy.

Registration Fee is US$ 5 for every US\$ 100 or part thereof of the nominal/authorized capital of the company with a minimum fee of US\$ 100. In practice, companies usually start up with a low amount of capital to avoid the exorbitant stamp duty. A company may also issue shares at a premium to circumvent the requirement.
by Silver Status (13.4k points)

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