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How long does it take to register with the tax authorities (ZIMRA) for income tax, VAT, and PAYE?
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It takes 4 days to register with the tax authorities (ZIMRA) for income tax, VAT, and PAYE. It is a free service.

Upon formation, a company must register at the regional Zimbabwe Revenue Authority Office. A copy of the company’s certificate of incorporation is required for the Collector's records, along with the memorandum and articles of association and a certified copy of the identification of the assigned public officer. The company will be issued a registration number, as well as the current tax tables and the pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) receipt books.

The P8 and P6 Forms now must be generated by the applicant and are not freely available. The ITF 16 Form must be completed in consultation with the Income Tax Office. According to Zimbabwe’s Finance Act (as amended), companies must now budget to pay all their company tax within the trading year. The tax must be paid as follows: 10% by the 25th of March, 25% by the 25th of June, 40% by the 25th of September, and the balance of the estimated tax for the tax year by the 20th of December. Firms with a turnover of US \$60,000 must register for VAT with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA).

An application must be submitted for a Certificate of Registration (Form VAT 1), which, along with Forms VAT 2 and VAT 3, is found at ZIMRA Web site ( Firms with a turnover of less than US \$60,000 may apply for voluntary VAT registration.
by Wooden (360 points)

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