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What is the mandate of the CAAZ's Flight Operation Inspectorate?
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The Flight Operation Inspectorate is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) for all air transport operators. These operators include commercial aviation service providers, general aviation, aerial work air operators (e.g. agricultural) and sporting & recreational aviation. All air operators are assessed using a standard five-phase certification process which determines the capacity and readiness of the proposed air operator to conduct business within the confines of the aviation requirements. Continuous surveillance of approved air operators is conducted on a regular basis.

The section’s functions include:

  • Oversight of the activities of AOC holders.
  • Approval of Aviation Training Organisations.
  • Issuing pilot’s licences;
  • Investigation of aviation incidents and accidents
  • Development of guidance material for the aviation industry.
by Silver Status (13.4k points)

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