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How To Set Up Views With Filters

In Google Analytics, you can set up different “views” of the data that you’ve collected. You can use filters within each view to determine what data will be available in that view. Having different views can help you focus on subsets of data or give other users access to specific views.


Click through the demonstration

Click through this interactive tour to learn how to set up properties and views with filters in your Analytics account.


Click the closed caption button in the lower right corner of the demo to view subtitles in your language.

Note that once you have applied a filter to data that you have collected in a view, you will not be able to recover any data that was filtered out or reprocess historical data from before the filter was applied. So be sure to test out any data you wish to filter in your Test view first.


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You should now understand how Google Analytics collects data with the Analytics tracking code, and how to set up accounts, properties, and views with filters. Next, take a quick assessment to see what you’ve learned.

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