Entrepreneurial Orientation self-assessment


Entrepreneurship and innovation discuss how we get success in business. Peter Drucker himself said there was a close relationship between entrepreneurship and innovation so there was a lot of knowledge about these two things. In fact, many academic researchers publish their research that identifies entrepreneurial companies and determines how company characteristics are related to company performance.

Entrepreneurial companies consist of employees or individuals who have the character and practice of entrepreneurship so that the overall performance of the company is competitive.

Entrepreneurial Orientation (EO) knows the extent of the characteristics that exist at the level of the company in entrepreneurial companies. This EO subject in academic research is related to corporate management practices.

In this exercise, 3 dimensions of EO have been used, namely, innovativeness, proactiveness and risk taking.



Complete the Entrepreneurial orientation self-assessment. This will help you gauge your potential for success in business.

NB: In no way are the results in this assessment definitive but it is a tool to help you think about where you are and what you need to improve on in order to succeed.

Innovativeness Assessment