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Fruits After A Meal Cannot Be Digested Properly

Our digestive system is ready to digest a variety of food at the same meal, and that includes our salad, main dish and fruit! Actually, having a piece of fruit after a meal has many benefits;

First, it acts as a sweet treat for people with a sweet tooth, so rather than having dessert, eating a piece of fruit is a more nutritious option that’s also lower in calories!

Second, if you are having an iron-rich vegetarian dish like spinach stew, mloukhieh or lentils, having a vitamin C-rich fruit such as orange, melon or strawberries directly after your meal will help in the absorption of iron from the dish, making it easier for you to meet your needs of this important nutrient that helps prevent iron-deficiency anaemia.

In case you feel really full after your meal, then keep your fruits as a delicious and healthy afternoon snack. It’s really up to you as long as you have 2-3 servings every day.

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