Become A Personal Credit Management Guru

I cannot pay my accounts. What do I do?

Do not ignore the problem and hope it goes away. It won’t. The good thing about a negative credit report is that it can be fixed. Find out what is considered bad and good for your credit and how to recover from your credit mistakes.

Order your credit report and review it carefully. Make a list of your debts and prioritise them from most important to least important. Cut out all unnecessary expenses and use the extra cash to pay off your debts one by one. Negotiate or consolidate your debt by talking to your credit/service providers about a rate reduction.

Never ignore letters of demands or summonses to appear in court for non-payment. Phone the credit/service provider and try and adapt your repayment plan. Stick to your plan and be disciplined—do not spend what you can’t afford to repay and look at your Credit Report monthly to track your improvement.


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