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Why am I not able to get a value of a particular vehicle?

TransUnion supplies values on cars that have high volume sales in a year. I.e. Volkswagen Polo sells approximately 1500 units a year as new cars. In year two the Volkswagen Polo will have trade and retail values available due to the fact that there is a high probability that a large portion of those cars will return to the dealer market as used cars. If a car, such as a Mercedes Benz C65 AMG only sells about 10 units per year, the chances of those cars returning to the used market are slim. To determine an accurate trade and retail on 4 cars (for example) is very complicated and could “skew” the values.

TransUnion provides values in the following instances – If the car has been in the market for longer than 12 months from its introduction date; if sufficient volumes of that particular car have been sold and we have enough information from the industry to generate a Trade and Retail Value and if the car is not older than 25 Years.


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