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Driving Traffic with Search

While social media is a great way to drive traffic to your site, search engines are another important tool as well. When your audience hears
on-air mentions of contests, concerts, or other promotions, they often turn to Google, Bing, or Yahoo to find more information. Consider these SEO (search engine optimization) tips to boost your own traffic:

  • When selecting your search engine keywords, ask yourself what your audience would most likely search for when trying to locate your
    content. This may include your call letters, the names of your on-air personalities, your market or the core artists you play.
  • Optimize individual pages within your site with specific keywords. For example, assign different keywords to your morning show’s page
    than your contests page or events calendar. This will help your audience locate the specific information they’re looking for faster.
  • Use long-tail keywords whenever possible. Long-tail keywords are phrases that contain the specific keywords that your audience may
    search for. i.e. “Atlanta rock radio station” rather than “radio station”.

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