Become a Chatbot Builder

Play with the Food Coach Chatbot

Let’s interact with a chatbot to see how one would work in a real life scenario.

This chatbot helps answer questions from someone who might be feeling sad or anxious.

When the chatbot asks you whether you had lunch, say “No.” Press Enter after you enter this text.
When the chatbot asks you how you feel about skipping lunch, say “Sad.”

Notice that the chatbot says something like “I detected sadness.”

The chatbot can say that since it’s using the IBM Watson Assistant and Tone Analyzer services. The Tone Analyzer analyzes tones and emotions in written text. For example, if you want your chatbot to know that the user isn’t happy or is stressed, the Tone Analyzer can help your chatbot respond appropriately.

Click on “Click here to restart again” to restart the Food Coach. As you keep playing, see if you can get it to detect the following emotions: Anger, Disgust, Fear, Joy and Sadness.

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