Become a Chatbot Builder

Skill Overview

Your Mission:

Be a champion for compassion and build a chatbot

Imagine if you could build a chatbot that understands how someone is feeling. Your chatbot could play music or make suggestions to help them feel happier. During this mission, you will:

  • Learn how to design a dialog for your specific users by using Design Thinking
  • Play with a chatbot and learn about the three basic components of Watson Conversation: intents, entities, and dialog
  • Build a simple chatbot using Watson Assistant (formerly Conversation)
  • Analyze tone and emotions in text by using Watson Tone Analyzer and brainstorm ways you can use the service to improve your chatbot.


Example Chatbots from your community-driven chatbot development hub

Discover, configure, deploy, and be rewarded for bots built with Watson Assistant (formerly Conversation).

Go to Bot Asset Exchange to see more than 60 bots in categories such as banking and finance, health and fitness, enterprise, retail, and productivity.


What you’ll need:

Suggested Skills: Before you start this hands-on course, please have a look at the available courses on our AI Learning Path to get more familiar with introduction to AI, Watson and Chatbots.

Skills: No prerequisite skills.

You can work in groups or take on the challenge by yourself.

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