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Course Become a Winner in Business – Google For Entrepreneurs Tools
Programme Type Provider Programme
Partner Institute Google
Award Type MathsGee Short Course Certificate
Award Issued By MathsGee
Accredited By Not Applicable
SAQA ID Not Applicable
NQF Level Not Applicable
Course Duration Self-Paced
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Tech Hubs in Africa

Google for Entrepreneurs partners with several tech hubs across Africa. From Nairobi to Accra, tech hubs are the gathering place for entrepreneurs, developers, students and marketeers to meet, learn and build great products. They host a range of events, and workshops including Google Business Group and Google Developer Communities, and provide co-working space for burgeoning new companies. Google supports tech hubs by providing them with technical trainings, mentoring, business tools and financial sponsorship, so that they can serve their growing startup ecosystems.


The tech hubs in Africa include:


ccHub: Lagos, Nigeria
Jozihub: Johannesburg, South Africa
iHub: Nairobi, Kenya
iSpaces: Accra, Ghana
Outbox: Kampala, Uganda

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