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Welcome to Essential Statistics for GIS Data Analysts

This introductory course will help you gain a solid understanding of statistics and basic probability for Geographical Information Science (GIS) that forms a foundation for further work in spatial data analysis and data science. It is our hope you will really enjoy the course.

The entire course is in a self-paced format and we estimate that it will take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to complete depending on your current skill set. It is possible to sit the course all at once, but we recommend allocating 4 to 8 hours per week for six weeks to complete this course. That includes videos, reading materials, homework, quizzes, and the final exam. We also encourage you to participate in the discussion forums when you have questions, comments, or concerns.

Course Prerequisites:

Remember that this course is tailored for Data Analysis in GIS so it is advantageous to have some knowledge of geography and GIS but this is not a prerequisite.

It is expected that you should have some ability to use any software (Excel, SPSS, R, Python, SAS,…) to organize and summarize data.¬†¬†Also, you should be comfortable (or a willingness to try!) with creating complex formulas and visualizations.

Course Text Book

This course includes excerpts from the following book from Microsoft Press and authored by course instructor Wayne Winston. The course contains all the text book material you will need to complete the course but if you would like to purchase the full book please select the image below to follow the link to the Microsoft Press Store for more information. The book is available in print and eBook (including
EPUB, MOBI, and PDF) formats.

Course Schedule and Grading

This entire course is available in self-paced format. Deadlines associated with the homework, graded quizzes, and final exam are set to the end date of the course, which is displayed on the course Home page. You can watch the videos, attempt the quizzes, and work on the homework at any time prior to the deadline.

In the module quizzes and final exam, you have only one attempt at each problem.

In the homework, you have unlimited attempts at each problem.

The homework is designed to help you practice and master the concepts before attempting the quizzes and final exam and may include tips and hints to help you learn. The homework is part of your grade, but you earn homework credit by working the problems and practicing not by getting the problems right on the first try. The homework problems have unlimited attempts. So, when doing the homework, don’t worry, relax and use the time to practice and learn.

You must achieve an overall score of 70% to pass the course. You can check your progress on the Progress bar available on the course pages, and when you have achieved a passing grade, you can click the Request Certificate button to request for your

Again, we hope you enjoy this course on the essential statistics for data analysis. Thanks for joining us!

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