Become Amazing At Customer Service

Unit 5: Project: Customer Service Training Manual
Time Advisory

Completing this unit should take you approximately 13 hours.

  •    Subunit 5.1: 10 hours
  •    Subunit 5.2: 3 hours

5.1 Final Project

Activity:  “Customer Service Training Manual” (HTML)

Instructions: Please prepare a 1,500-word training manual as if you were the manager of a customer service department orienting a new employee on the needs of your department. Based on what you learned in this course, what are the key points you would want the new employees to understand as they begin their new position?You may include and expand upon your writings from earlier units. Once you have completed the document, please post it to your ePortfolio account and/or link to it on Discourse for classmate comments, and for access by potential employers. If you do not yet have an ePortfolio account, you can create one here, free of charge.

Completing this activity should take you approximately 10 hours.

5.2 Final Course Discussions

Reading:  “Community Discourse Forum” (HTML)

Instructions: After you review the unit materials, please post and respond to the following topics on the course discussion board. Feel free to start your own related posts, and respond to other students’ postings as well.

  1. What tips would you offer to other students taking this certificate program to best focus their efforts and maximize their success?
  2. After you have completed your final project activity for this course, what are three or four of the most important lessons you would suggest for a customer service worker just starting out?
  3. Please share what you found most useful and least useful about this Customer Service certificate program.

Posting and responding on the discussion board should take you approximately 3 hours.

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