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Every company endeavors to be efficient. It is not profitable to be wasteful. Wastage comes in many forms, lazy employees who steal company time, processes that are not optimal, unnecessary repetition of tasks and a host of other activities or the lack of them.

I want to talk about content creation. I believe in my heart of hearts that there is so much wastage in the content creation process.

Organizations are always creating content whether it’s for marketing, onboarding, advertising, and support purposes among other uses. The problem is that most organizations do not have a content recycling strategy to optimize on content assets that already exist. Generally, organizations have a linear view to creation of content which is informed by the principle of “New and fresh is good”.

This is principle is not wrong at all. We all know that new and fresh is exciting. My question centers on what qualifies something to be called new and fresh?

If I have a white battered 1980s Beetle and I paint it blue and pimp it, would my remodeled car be good enough to be included in the “new and fresh” set of things?

I have discovered through my work at MathsGee that any piece of information can be effectively repurposed thus extending its usefulness.

At MathsGee we are in the business of recycling content. We believe that that we can help solve some of the pressing education problems using our “online content garbage-collector” modus operandi.

One case in point is our ability to convert something simple like FAQs on an organization’s website and create a course that can be used for education prospective clients and employees. Most FAQ pages are static and do not have life but are rich with insights and potential to generate leads.

I am convinced that our course platform can grow to be as big as Coursera and Udemy using static information that has been rendered useless by many an organization.

MathsGee is an online content creation and recycling company. Our online platform serves as a bank for educational content in the form of courses.

Our mission is to help companies and students bridge the employability gap by facilitating the delivery of quality and relevant education for all, whilst creating businesses for the marginalized.

We do this by:

  • Providing a quality and affordable online course marketplace that uses social currency to provide skills.
  • Co-creation of relevant courses with organizations to close the skills gap.
  • Unlocking value through same-side cooperative network interactions e.g. producer to producer (affiliate marketing).
  • Marketing and lead generation for course authors/sponsors.
  • Training and job creation for unemployed people to become authors and business owners.
  • Consulting and Research and Development for industry.

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We believe that all organizations and individuals have some knowledge that can be shared and are willing to share it in contribution to ending poverty.

MathsGee uses Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) as a vision in our endeavor to end poverty. To ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, we encourage content developers on our platform to embed:

  1. Sustainable Lifestyles
    2. Cultural Diversity
    3. Human Rights
    4. Gender Equality

in all their courses, whilst being sensitive to all races, geographies, age groups, genders and levels of education.

We measure our impact on a continuous basis. To understand and describe the impact, we use the standardized Global Impact Investing Network’s IRIS reporting metrics super-imposed onto the SDG4 indicators. The metrics are designed to measure the social, environmental and financial performance of our organization.

We use various technology integration to track learning and provide insights to course authors as to how their content is being consumed and by whom.

The MathsGee Courses Platform is a place for everyone to share and acquire knowledge. We believe that all the knowledge required for one to succeed is available and just needs to be shared and arranged for easy access.

We are encouraging corporations, NPOs and individuals to sponsor courses so they can contribute to this body of knowledge. Course sponsorships are not tax-deductible as MathsGee is a for-profit social enterprise.

The benefits of sponsoring courses are as follows:

  • Social proof of content relevance.
  • Access to insights from data analytics of how learners are consuming the course.
  • Lead generation using course content.
  • Brand recognition.
  • Creating employment.
  • Contribution to poverty eradication through free education.
  • Helping organize education material online.


Do you or your organization have a course you would like us to create or recycle? If so, we’d like to hear from you.

Whether you have existing courses or not should not be a hindrance to your contribution to sustainable education. You can become a change maker in the following ways.

  • If you have existing online courses then we can copy and customize the contents onto the MathsGee platform. We pride ourselves in the flexibility to be able to integrate with most Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • We can work with you to transform your offline courses into online offerings. Our team has experienced instructional designers. We are also building up out skill base by training and hiring unemployed youths as course authors.
  • Not having any courses should not stop you from being a change maker. Our team can assist you in formulating and delivering a course using instructional design principles. Do not worry about having no content, from experience we have realized that content exists in many forms like product videos, onboarding programs and even HR policies.

Tell all your friends about the quality courses available on MathsGee. When you use the “Refer a Fiend (Affiliate)” functionality you are assigned a unique code that can track which of your friends enrolled in courses. It will be credited to your points in our system and if it’s a paid course, you get 45% of the sale.


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