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Fundamental Cyber Security Questions

Asking questions is at the centre of critical thinking. Asking the right questions is the best skill that one can learn in their journey to becoming a prolific problem solver. Having solutions is not as valuable as asking the right questions. With the internet firmly embedded in our lifestyles, it is necessary to ask questions with regards to protecting ourselves against bad actors in the online world. We have seen attention-grabbing headlines where major corporations have been hacked or celebrities’nudes have been published to the world. It is paramount that we take a step back and ask ourselves fundamental questions about our safety online. Below are a few questions (not exhaustive) I have compiled:

  1. Is it ethical for companies to share information on attempted hacks ?
  2. Do banks have a registry of online fraudsters?
  3. Should you be risk-averse online?
  4. Is cybersecurity a cost or benefit for a company?
  5. How should insurance for online breaches be structured?
  6. Is the cybersecurity industry controlled by monopolies?
  7. Do anti-virus software companies create viruses to boost business?
  8. How do organization dynamics affect cyber security economics?
  9. Are there inherent emotional and cultural biases when dealing with cybersecurity?
  10. Do banks dump the cost of fraud onto customers?
  11. Do banks over-react to cyber attacks?
  12. How can economics address new cybersecurity challenges?
  13. Is the problem of cybersecurity technological or behavioural?
  14. Does the technology investment risk vector influence decisions?
  15. Is the people factor in intrusion detection extinct?
  16. Do you think security will win over threats ?
  17. With increasingly connected things, will there ermege a dorminant firm?
  18. To what degree do new cybersecurity tools reduce risk and what is their ROI?
  19. Should vulnerabilities be thought of as externalities?
  20. Do companies strike a balance in the cost to implement versus evaluating the risk and its economic value?
  21. What are the incentive schemes in place for all players to ensure we are safe online?
  22. Does  a robust physical security industry translate into a robust cybersecurity industry?
  23. Do judges have an incentive to prosecute cyber-related crimes compared to high profile murder/white collar cases?


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