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Empower Education - Help MathsGee Build Africa's Largest Interactive Content Studio!


Join Us in Revolutionizing Learning with Interactive Content!

Hello, we are MathsGee, a dedicated team passionate about making education more engaging, accessible, and effective. We are excited to launch a campaign to build an open studio for creating, sharing, and discovering interactive content.


The Vision

Our vision is to create an open-source platform where educators, students, and creators can easily develop and share interactive educational content. This studio will be a hub for innovative learning tools, including quizzes, interactive videos, and educational games, all designed to enhance learning experiences and make education more captivating.

Why It Matters

Interactive content is transforming education. It makes learning more engaging, personalized, and accessible. By supporting this project, you are not just funding a platform; you are investing in the future of education and empowering learners across the globe.

Our Plan

    Developing the Platform: Building a user-friendly interface for content creation and sharing.
    Community Engagement: Collaborating with educators and students to tailor the platform to their needs.
    Testing and Refinement: Ensuring the highest quality and user experience.
    Launch and Beyond: Officially launching the platform and continuously updating it with new features.

How You Can Help

    Donate: Every contribution brings us closer to our goal.
    Share: Spread the word about our campaign.
    Contribute Ideas: Your suggestions can shape the platform.

Budget Breakdown

    Development Costs: R30,000
    Content Hosting and Syndication: R20,000
    Community Engagement: R10,000
    Testing and Quality Assurance: R10,000
    Marketing and Launch: R30,000

Rewards for Donors

A thank you email and early access to the platform. Your name on the platform's donor wall. An opportunity to be a beta tester and provide direct feedback.

Progress Updates

We will keep you updated every step of the way, sharing our milestones and challenges.

Thank You

Your support means the world to us and to the countless learners who will benefit from this platform. Together, we can make a difference in education!

About Us

What is MathsGee?

MathsGee is an educational platform focused on providing support in mathematics and science subjects. It offers a range of resources including tutorials, interactive lessons, and a QnA forum where learners can get answers to their specific questions.

Who can benefit from using MathsGee?

MathsGee is designed for a wide range of users including students, teachers, and parents. It is particularly useful for students seeking extra help in math and science subjects, educators looking for teaching resources, and parents who want to support their children's education.

Is MathsGee free to use?

Yes, MathsGee offers many of its resources for free, making it an accessible platform for learners and educators worldwide. Some advanced features or specialized content may require payment.

What subjects does MathsGee cover?

MathsGee primarily focuses on mathematics and science subjects, covering a wide range of topics from basic arithmetic to more advanced areas like calculus and physics.

How does MathsGee support interactive learning?

MathsGee supports interactive learning through various tools and features like interactive quizzes, problem-solving exercises, and educational games that engage students in a hands-on learning experience.

Can educators contribute to MathsGee?

Yes, educators are encouraged to contribute to MathsGee by sharing their expertise, creating content, and participating in the community forum to answer student questions.

How does the QnA forum on MathsGee work?

The QnA forum allows users to post questions related to math and science, which can then be answered by other community members, including both peers and expert educators.

Does MathsGee offer resources for exam preparation?

Yes, MathsGee provides various resources tailored for exam preparation, including practice questions, past exam papers, and revision guides.

Can MathsGee be used for self-paced learning?

Absolutely, MathsGee is well-suited for self-paced learning, allowing learners to explore topics at their own speed and revisit concepts as needed.

What future developments are planned for MathsGee?

Future developments for MathsGee include expanding subject coverage, enhancing interactive content tools, and building partnerships to provide more comprehensive educational resources.


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