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About Me

My name is Shawana Mafuna, and I am a 3rd year student at the University of Cape Town (UCT) studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Economics and specializing in Screen Production. My journey at UCT started in 2021, and I was guided to complete the extended degree due to my inadequate math mark. Despite this setback, I managed to achieve excellent results in my math courses and secured a spot on the Dean's list with an average mark of 78.8% in my first year.







My combination of economics and film, as well as my choice of electives, have exposed me to so many different ideas and people, which have truly changed the way I think. I have learned that to understand how our world functions and how to perpetuate innovation and progression within it, is not through the encouragement of linear thoughts but rather diverse ones, where all career fields, societal structures and ways of being are equally considered.

As a result of my stepdad's passing last year, my family and I have faced financial challenges, and I have struggled to pay my tuition fees. I have five younger siblings at home, and my mom is struggling to pay the rest of my 2022 tuition and residence fees for 2023. Assistance in the payment of my fees would ease this hard time and provide me with the comfort of completing my studies without the burden of student debt.


I believe I am a suitable candidate for financial aid because of my disciplined and motivated attitude towards my studies. With the support of donors like you, I can continue to pursue my dream of becoming a filmmaker and economist, and use my storytelling skills to broaden the way people think.

Please help me achieve my dream by donating to my fundraising campaign. Any amount is appreciated and will go towards paying my tuition fees and easing the financial burden on my family.

Thank you for considering my request, and I am grateful for any support you can provide.

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