Goalkeepers 18 – Juliet Namujju of Kimuli Fashionability turns p


Kimuli Fashionability creates upcycled fashion and accessories through training and employing persons with disabilities. African fabrics are blended with waste materials. In the absence of hearing, deaf people for example often have heightened kinesthetic and visual abilities resultingKimuli Fashainability was invited to present its work in Germany at the “Bildkorrekturen” Conference on Sustainable Fashion and Development.in high quality products with love for detail. We give employment opportunities to the deaf and have empowered 25 persons who are now self-sustainable. 

Many of their peers are seen as cursed or bewitched by Ugandan society and often kept indoors due to shame of the family because of their disability. This is why our sensitization programs in schools and our fashion shows create awareness to thousands to change their perception of disability, as well as waste. With our slogan “waste is only waste if you waste it”, we also sensitize Ugandans to see waste differently: 

It is Kimuli’s greatest resource and we inspire others to start small and grow big through upcycling initiatives.In mid 2017 Kimuli Fashionability held the first “Waste to Wealth” Fashion Show in Uganda, to raise awareness about waste disposal and to raise funds for employing further deaf tailors. In November 2017, Kimuli exhibited its products in Germany.